Ola Gjeilo (1978-)
Northern lights

Ola Gjeilo: "Looking out from an attic window one Christmas, close to Oslo over a wintry lake under the stars, I was thinking about how this “terrible” beauty reminded me of the northern lights, or aurora borealis. The northern lights are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena I’ve ever witnessed, and they have such a powerful, electric quality that must have been both mesmerizing and terrifying to people in the past, when no one knew what the lights were, and when much superstition was attached to these experiences."

Esecuzioni recenti della Corale Roberto Goitre:

08/06/2019 Torino, Chiesa del Santissimo Nome di Maria
07/06/2019 Torino, Chiesa della Madonna della Guardia


Pulchra es amica mea,
suavis et decora filia Jerusalem,
terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata.
Averte oculos tuos a me
quia ipsi me avolare fecerunt.

[dal Cantico dei Cantici]


Sei bella, amica mia
dolce e fresca figlia di Gersusalemme
spaventosa come un esercito schierato.
Distogli da me i tuoi occhi
Perché essi mi hanno messo in fuga.